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Free Online Dating, meet singles and more: find friends or the big love for the best activities

Find love and luck for free of charge is the free of charge search engine and contact exchange for finding friends or a partner. But it is not the classic dating site. For that purpose the search functions to find a friend, a chat, a leisure partner, a dancing partner, a sport partner, a partner for learning a foreign language, a help for house and garden work, for tutoring, counseling, penpals, love, an affair, a leisure relationship, just too diverse.

Alone and lonely?

Being alone and lonely is rather boring and according to recent studies quite unhealthy. You Only Live Once! Why not to collect new experiences, meet new and interesting people, learn new sights and hear new opinions, exchange interesting ideas, learn new languages trough world wide penpals, or search and find the big love you were always dreaming of. Being in society, does not matter if online and offline, makes happy!

Online social network free of charge for like-minded people

The online social network offers with specific lonely hearts ads or contact ads a forum free of charge for like-minded people. No is app on the mobile phone is needed and it is not a classic dating site, but a community website in internet with the goal that no one should stay alone anymore, for things she or he has no motivation to do without another person. To find someone with the same hobbies which she or he only want to practice in a good company.

Friendship wanted?

She seeks him for a nice chat? is the best place to find someone who is exactly interested in your favourite topic. Exchange ideas. Find a leisure partner for your hobby. Finding new people is the best way to get over a depression, terrible boredom, or just a sad mood.

Make new friends with contact ads and your personal profile

Sometimes it is quite hard to search through hundreds of profiles, even on the best dating sites, to find people with the same interests. thinks a bit different. By posting a contact ad with a specific activity offer you already make it crystal clear why you are on this website. This makes searching and finding the right people here so easy and efficient.

What are you urgently searching for?

Fed up hiking alone? Post a free of charge contact ad, choose your desired activity "hiking" in the menu, and all members who live close to your home receive an e-mail and a notification in their member area. Making contact is very easy then! Accept or decline incoming contact offers. If you accept, you have the possibility to start chatting about the details of your adventure in privacy and without public view. That's dating in 2018!

A social network to get active for seniors and the elderly +50 but also for young men and women

How old you are and how old you feel are two pairs of shoes. At the age is not that important. The focus on the search for a partner is on mutual interests. Sometimes it is already quite difficult to find someone for an unusual hobby. Why to make things even more difficult when setting an age limit? If young girl or mature woman, or old man or boy who just became 18 years. Why not give everyone a chance for being a good friend? Don't you think there might be a risk to miss a wonderful friendship if you exclude certain age groups? 

Lovesickness, breakup or divorce?

Are you depressive after a breakup or divorce? No friends anymore after a breakup or change of location? Life goes on! Keep your head up and make new contacts! If you think about online dating, checking new singles, or if you have the wish to make new friends. is the right place to be!

World wide e-mail friends or penpals wanted?

Do you want penpals or e-mail friends from Austria or Germany? Many Germans and Austrians are seeking for international contacts who enjoy to write e-mails and exchange messages. Writing e-mails is an excellent way to learn more about foreign countries or practice and improve a foreign language. Searching and finding e-mail friends and penpals is also a good option for a typical loner and maverick who wants to have someone to talk, but does not want to give up the needed distance. Writing e-mails to interesting people and reading their replies can be more exciting than watching TV. You don't believe me? Check it out!




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