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21.12.2016 - Penpals from Ukraine

Penpals from Ukraine

Lots of ladies from Ukraine are looking out for penpal at Are you interested to make contact?

Behind Austria and Germany, Ukraine is the leading none German speaking country here searching for penpals. I want to take this chance and introduce some interesting profiles to you.

Svetlana is 40 years old and comes from Odessa. She offers help in Russian and Ukrainian language and she would like to chat about following topics: everyday life, education, health, cinema, cuisine, literature and music. She is still searching for a partner as well. You can take a look on her profile here: Svetlana from Odessa.

18 year old Kit also lives in Odessa. She would like to have a penpal who writes about football. She offers help in Ukrainian and English. Kit also likes to go to the football ground. I suppose she is a fan of her local team Chernomorets. See her profile here: Kit from Odessa.

Odessa is also the home town of 26 year old Julie. This city is rather pretty much represented at Julie would like to talk about her everyday life. But also about education, cinema and travelling. She would like to get some help in German and English, and would offer help in Russian and Ukrainian. Her profile: Julie from Odessa.

21 year old Yulia comes from Sambir. That's a 36.000 inhabitant town from the Lviv area. Between 1772 and 1918 her town was a part of Austria. Yulia has many interests and wants to talk about a lot of different topics. She also has a talent in talking a lot of languages. She is interested to learn and teach 6 different languages. If you are a magician, you might impress her, because she loves magic tricks. Her profile: Yulia from Sambir.

36 year old Ariana lives in the capital Kiev. She offers help in migration, experience, and tutoring. She has many different interests for talking. Such as health, everyday life, creativity, art, theater and many others. Please check: Ariana from Kiev.

Irina is 40 years old and lives in the east of Ukraine. She offers her advice, if you might need one: Irina from Zaporozhye.

Mariya from Kiev would like to talk about psychology with you. As well as about the world and travelling: Mariya from Kiev.

22 year old Yulya from Rogatyn looks out for a conversation about parenting. She also has interest in American Football. Rogatyn was also once a part of Austria. Get in touch with Yulya here: Yulya from Rogatyn.

That was a short introduction of Ukrainian ladies who seek a penpal. However there exist, although they are quite a minority here, also male Ukrainians who look out for a penpal. As for instance Igor. A man from Khmelnytskyi, a city with 260.000 inhabitants between Lviv and Kiev. Igor offers his experience if you need such kind of help, and would like to talk about martial arts and technics. Check his profile here: Igor from Khmelnytskyi.



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