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10.01.2017 - Which kind of partner singles from Vienna desire most?

Which kind of partner singles from Vienna desire most?

14.322 single men and women from Vienna were questioned. Which kind of partner would they prefer?

4 answers were possible:
- funny
- sporty
- intelligent
- rich

 The results were rather interesting. Men and women from Vienna have almost the same taste.

The result of the Viennese men:

Singles Wien

Blue means funny, and 40,95 percent of the single men in Vienna desire a partner with lots of humor. The red colour stands for being sporty. 32,55 percent of the Viennese men would prefer a sporty partner. The yellow colour stands for intelligence: 14,7 percent. And only 11,8 percent (green) of the single men in Vienna would prefer a lady with lots of money.

The desire of the Viennese women:

wiener singles women

37,7% funny (blue)

29% sportlich (red)

20,3% intelligent (yellow)

13% rich (green)

It shows exactly the same ranking as the one of the men. The only big difference can be found in the intelligence. Compared with the results of the men, more than 5,6 percent of the Viennese women would prefer a partner with a good brain. On the contrary for a few women it is not so important to have a sporty or funny partner. When it comes to the money, both genders think almost the same. The gap in choosing a rich partner is just 1,2 percent.



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