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02.02.2017 - The 10 best places and 30 best sayings to start a conversation with a woman in Graz

The 10 best places and 30 best sayings to start a conversation with a woman in Graz

Graz has lots of nice and interesting places, where someone can meet new people. But shy men often have the problem, not to have the right saying at the right time, to talk to attractive women. That should change, after reading following lines ...

1. in front of the Uhrturm (Clock Tower):
- I have lost my iPhone. What's the time?
- I am blinded by your smile, could you please tell me which colour has the tower?
- You would be the better landmark for Graz than this clock tower.

2. infront of the Kunsthaus (Art House):
- Is the current exhibition from you or about you?
- I have no idea about art. Would you like to help me?
- I did not know that they have their art works also running around infront of their house

3. on the Murinsel (Mur Island):
- If we both would be alone here, we would be on a lonely island.
- Did you see that? A fish was smiling at you!
- I think I know you from somewhere. Aren't you the famous Murmaid?

4. infront of castle Eggenberg:
- How long did you need to build that castle?
- If you marry me, the castle belongs to you!
- That would be the perfect location for our wedding.

5. in the Landeszeughaus:
- If we would live in middle ages, I would be already in such a knights armour to fight for you!
- Do you think I would conquer your heart with such a knights armour?
- Would you prefer to knighten me with a sword or a sabre?

6. in the Landhaushof:
- Here you would have enough space for your shoe collection after our shopping tour.
- What should we see first? The cellar or the attic?
- I know it's hard to believe, but I did not build that alone.

7. at the Glockenspiel
- Would you also like to have such a nice dress?
- We should follow the example of that couple.
- Which one turns nicer? The boy or the girl.

8. in the Mausoleum
- Do you go to the church also on Sunday?
- Do you like the interior or would you change something?
- Do you also find it discriminatory that they didn't built a Mausoleum for the queen?

9. in front of the Dom (Cathedral): 
- I do not like to pray alone inside. Would you like to join me?
- I forgot how to use matches. Would you like to lighten a candle for me inside?
- I would like to go inside, but I am afraid of the holy ghost. Would you like to take my hand and go with me together?

10. infront of the Doppelwendeltreppe (Double Circular Stairs):
- I am afraid to get lost. Can I go with you?
- I have heard there will be a beautiful lady going up those stairs today. So the rumours were true!
- Would you like to go yourself, or should I carry you?


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