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25.04.2017 - Dating in Vorarlberg: the differences between girls and boys

Dating in Vorarlberg: the differences between girls and boys

The big Dating Report Vorarlberg: Leisure activities of the people in Vorarlberg revealed at

What do they like? What do they think? What are they doing? What are the biggest differences between boys and girls? If you want to date someone from Vorarlberg you should know what they like and don't like. Get the statistics here!

Dornbirn, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Lustenau, Hohenems, Bludenz, Hard, Rankweil, Götzis and Lauterach are the biggest cities in Vorarlberg. analysed the leisure activities of its users from Austrias most western province. Here are the results:

Dating in Vorarlberg Boys and Girls


Which kind of movies singles from Vorarlberg like best?

1. Comedy 25,79%
2. Action 21,03%
3. Hollywood productions 15,87%
4. Thriller 15,48%
5. Drama 13,49%
6. Arthouse cinema 8,33%

Comedy und action movies are leading. Dramas are not that popular, and arthouse cinema movies are only a minority program.

The differences between the genders are not that big. Both like comedy movies best. Women prefer dramas more than men. Men like thrillers more. Arthouse cinema movies have slighty better values among females.


What kind of books people from Vorarlberg like to read?

1. Dramatic art (46,43%)
2. Fiction books (40,18%)
3. Professional literature (8,93%)
4. Lyric poetry and secondary literature (2,23% each)

Every second female from Vorarlberg likes dramatic art. The ratio among the males is still quite good but by 45 percent under 50 percent. Men do prefer more fiction books (41,88%) and professional literature (9,38%). Lyric poetry is more popular among females (4,69%). Only 1,25% of the males have some sympathy for it.


The music taste of Vorarlberg

1. Pop/Rock (17,99%)
2. Early Music (8,63%)
3. Classic and Soul (7,19% each)
5. Electro and Musical (6,83% each)
7. Metal (6,12%)
8. Hip Hop, Folk music and Singer/Songwriter (5,76% each)
11. Jazz (5,4%)
12. RNB (5,04%)
13. New Classic (3,96%)
14. Operetta and Punk (2,16% each)
16. Opera (1,8%)
17. World Music (1,44%)

The popularity of Pop and Rock music among both genders in Vorarlberg is almost the same. But the love to pop and rock songs among women is 3 percent stronger.

Girls from Vorarlberg have a big passion for singers and songwriters. 10 percent of the females in Vorarlberg like their music. The ratio among males is only 4 percent.

World music is at least for 5 percent of the femals interesting. The consent among males is zero. Men prefer folk music and metal (double amount compared to females),  and 5 times more women like operettas than men.


Do singles from Vorarlberg prefer short or long holidays?

1. short holidays (67,11%)
2. long holidays (32,89%)

Everything is clear. Short holidays are much more attractive than long ones. Among women the consent for short holidays is by 76 percent even higher as among men (65,45 percent).


Which kind of holiday Vorarlberg people like best?

1. Holiday trip (49,51%)
2. Voyage of discovery (33,01%)
3. Research trip (6,80%)
4. Volunteer holiday (5,83%)
5. Pilgrimage (4,85%)

There are not much differences between the genders here. Men usually like Research trips a bit more than women (+ 1 1/2 percent). Women like pilgrimages a bit more than men (+1 1/2 percent). When it comes to voyages of discovery, the females are more motivated. There is a difference of 4 percent in favour of the girls.


Which restaurants they like to visit?


1. Italian (25,08%)
2. Austrian (22,74%)
3. Asian (19,73%)
4. Greek (14,38%)
5. Spanish (7,69%)
6. Ethno (6,25%)
7. Vegan (3,85%)

The tastes between the genders are more or less the same. Especially among the top 4 in the list. But Vegan cuisine has the double of support among women as among men. Ethno cuisine is more popular among men. Also the Spanish cuisine is more attractive for the men in Vorarlberg (+3 percent).


Shopping: Which kind of stuff they like to buy most?

1. Clothing (20,48%)
2. Eletronics/Technics, Furniture/Household (jeweils 14,29%)
4. Sporting goods (12,86%)
5. Shoes/Bags (10,95%)
6. Books (9,05%)
7. Jewellery/Watches (7,62%)
8. PC/Video games (4,76%)
9. Cosmetics (4,29%)
10. Toys (1,43%)

The Top 4 among women: 1. Clothing (25,93%), 2. Furniture/Household and books (14,81% each) and 4. Cosmetics (12,96%).

The Top 4 among men: 1. Clothing (18,59%), 2. Electronics/Technics (17,31%), shoes/bags and sporting goods are head to head by 14,10%.


The most popular sports in Vorarlberg

Cycling Dating Singles

1. Hiking (11,68%)
2. Cycling (10,71%)
3. Fitness (9,98%)
4. Jogging (9%)
5. going for a walk (7,79%)
6. Billard, climbing, weight lifting, dancing (4,87% each)
10. Football (3,41%)
11. Badminton, motor sports, horseback riding (2,43% each)
14. Table tennis, tennis (2,19% each)

The top 6 among women: 1. Hiking (14,19%), 2. Fitness, cycling, and going for a walk (10,14%), 5. Jogging (8,11%), 6. Climbing (6,76%).

The top 6 among men: 1. Cycling (11,03%), 2. Hiking (10,27%), 3. Fitness (9,89%), 4. Jogging (9,51%), 5. Billard (6,84%), 6. going for a walk (6,46%).

Climbing is more popular among women (+3 percent). As well as going for a walk and horseback riding (+3 1/2 percent each). Men naturally like to play football more often, and also golf is more a male sport in Vorarlberg.


How does the results in winter sports look like?

1. Alpine skiing (48,81%)
2. Ice skating (26,19%)
3. Cross country skiing (13,10%)
4. Snowboarding (11,90%)

Cross country skiing among women is in comparison with the men extremly unpopular. The double amount of men are practicing that sport as women. The Vorarlberg girls prefer to go ice skating instead (+7 percent). When it comes to Alpine skiing and snowboarding, both genders have almost the same tendencies.


Which kind of sports people from Vorarlberg like to follow in passive mode?

1. Alpine skiing (16,54%)
2. Football (13,53%)
3. Ice hockey and ski jumping (10,53% each)
5. Motor sports (9,02%)
6. American Football (8,27%)
7. Tennis, Biathlon (6,02% each)
9. Martial arts (3,76%)
10. Hockey, Cross country skiing (3,01% each)

Girls from Vorarlberg go totally crazy for winter sports. Ice hockey, Alpine skiing and ski jumping are on the top 3 places with a big gap to the next ones (16,13% each). The next ones on the 4th and 5th place are football and tennis by 9,68% each.

Alping skiing is also number one sport for watching among the males in Vorarlberg (16,67%). But on the next 3 following places are no winter sports: football by 14,71% on the second. Motor sports and American football on the 3rd and 4th by 9,8% each. Only behind them, winter sports again: Ice hockey, ski jumping, and biathlon.



Which kind of theatre plays are popular in Vorarlberg?

1. Comedy (85,71%)
2. Tragedy (14,29%)

Singles in Vorarlberg like to laugh and enjoy themselves in the theatre. Mournful plays are tried to be avoided. There are almost no differences between the genders in this case.


Which foreign languages singles from Vorarlberg like best?

1. English (38,04%)
2. Italian (17,39%)
3. French and Spanish (13,04% each)
5. Russian and Hungarian (3,26%)
7. Japanese, Turkish and Persian (2,17%)

Vorarlberg girls have much more passion for the Italian language than the boys (+6 percent). Also English (+12 percent) und French (+8 percent) are more popular among the females. In return single girls from Vorarlberg have no interest for languages like Russian, Japanese, Turkish or Japanese.


What are the main topics in Vorarlberg?

1. Everyday life, travel, animals (6,34%)
4. Cuisine (5,99%)
5. Fitness (5,28%)
6. Cinema and technics (4,93% each)
8. Health, home/garden and theatre (4,58% each)

Topics which are not so interesting for people in Vorarlberg of both genders are religion and politics.

The top 4 topics among women: travel, animals, everyday life and theatre.

The top 4 topics among men: technics, cuisine, everyday life and cinema.


In which fields people from Vorarlberg offer their help most?

1. Home/Garden (19,46%)
2. Computer/Internet (17,45%)
3. if someone needs their experience (14,09%)
4. if somene needs their car (12,08%)
5. if someone asks for advice and family matters (11,41% each)

The fewest motivation of all to help someone in Vorarlberg is migration (2,68 percent). At least 3,77 percent of the males would help in migration matters. But the ratio among the females is zero.

Women prefer to help in house and garden (23,26%). The highest motivation for males to help someone is with computers and internet by 20,75%. Also to help someone with experience is rather a male domain (+6 1/2 percent). 3 times more men would help in matters of transport. In return women prefer to help in tutoring. Almost 4 times more females would agree to help a pupil with school homeworks than males.

To which lectures Vorarlberger people like to listen most?

1. Education and science (11,41% each)
3. Nutrition (10,33%)
4. Labour and health (9,24%)
6. Travel reports (8,7%)

Lecture topics with the lowest interest among singles in Vorarlberg are religion and trade. Also lectures about tourism are not very popular.

The top 3 lecture topics among women: education, nutrition and health (14,63 percet each). The top 3 among men: science, labour and education.

By only 1,4 percent interest the topic "religion" is on the last place among the males. Among females lectures about "religion" have at least an interest of 4,88 percent. Events Vorarlberg girls are really not interested in are lectures about trade. 


Being in company: card or board games?

1. Board games (54,72%)
2. Card games (45,28%)

The ratio among women is 60/40. Among men 52/48.


What is their favourite activity when being in company?

1. Thermal spring/swimming pool/beach (20,60%)
2. Sauna (18,59%)
3. Board games (14,57%)
4. Card games (12,06%)
5. Crafting (6,53%)
6. to solve riddles (6,03%)
7. Camping (5,53%)
8. Fishing (5,03%)
9. Singing and making music (jeweils 4,52%)
11. Geocaching (2,01%)

Both genders have quite the same preferences here. Only fishing is rather a male domain (three times more men). Also camping is more popular among males. The double amount of men likes to spend their time in company with camping.



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