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07.05.2017 - Burgenland Dating: the differences between girls and boys

Burgenland Dating: the differences between girls and boys

The big Burgenland Dating Report: Leisure activities of the people in Burgenland revealed at

What do they like? What do they think? What are they doing? What are the biggest differences between boys and girls? If you want to date someone from Burgenland you should know what they like and don't like. Get the statistics here!

Eisenstadt, Güssing, Jennersdorf, Mattersburg, Neusiedl am See, Oberpullendorf, Oberwart and Rust are the biggest cities in Burgenland. analysed the leisure activities of its users from Austrias Eastern province. Here are the results:

Burgenland Dating


Which kind of movies Burgenland singles like most?

Dating Movie Singles

1. Comedy 25,93%
2. Action 24,07%
3. Hollywood 18,52%
4. Thriller 14,81%
5. Arthouse cinema 9,26%
6. Drama 7,41%

If people from Burgenland really dislike something, then it is watching a drama in the cinema. Comedy and action movies are among the most popular. Females from Burgenland also like art house cinema movies very much, next to comedy and action movies.


Which kind of books singles from Burgenland like to read?

Literature Singles Dating

1. Professional literature (57,14%)
2. Fiction books (42,86%)

The only books Burgenland people really are interested in are books about professional literature and fiction books. Dramatic, lyrics or secondary literature are not their taste.


The music taste of the Burgenlanders

Music Singles Dating

1. Pop/Rock (14,47%)
2. Early Music, Electro, Folk Music (9,21%)
5. Hip Hop (7,89%)

These are the 5 most popular music genres of the Burgenlanders. Female Burgenlanders like Pop/Rock, Opera, and Folk music. Male Burgenlanders prefer electro in the same intensity as pop and rock music. Hip Hop, soul und early music are also on their list.


Short or long holidays trips? What do Burgenlanders prefer?

Travel Singles Dating

1. short trips (71,43%)
2. long trips (28,57%)

The result is crystal clear. When it comes to travelling, Burgenlanders prefer short holidays. Among women the consent is even 100 percent!


How singles from Burgenland prefer to spend their holidays?

Holiday Singles Dating

1. Classic holidays (62,22%)
2. Discovery journey (26,09%)
3. Pilgrimage, Research trip (4,35%)

Classic holiday or discovery journey. Burgenlanders do not like to have anything else when it comes to their holiday plans. A small minority also enjoys pilgrimages and research trips, but the majority prefers the classic holiday or a discovery journey.


Which restaurants singles from Burgenland like best?


1. Italian and Austrian cuisine (25,40%)
3. Asian (22,22%)
4. Greek (15,87%)
5. Spanish (11,11%)

Singles from Burgenland try to avoid ethno and vegan restaurants. Burgenlanders like their own Austrian cuisine very much, as well as Italian cuisine. Among Burgenlander females the consent for Austrian cuisine is even on the first place, 7 percent before Italian, Greek and Asian cuisine.

Shopping: What do they like to buy most?

Shopping Dating Singles

1. Clothing (22,64%)
2. Living/Household (18,87%)
3. Electrical equipment (13,21%)
4. Sporting goods, shoes/bags (11,32%)
6. Jewellery/Watches (7,55%)
7. Books (5,66%)

Burgenlanders of both genders have the same taste in shopping when it comes to clothes and furniture shops. Book shopping is more popular among females, and men also like to buy sporting goods and electrical equipment besides furniture and clothes.


The most popular sports of singles in Burgenland

Cycling Dating Singles

1. Cycling (12%)
2. Hiking, going for a walk (10,67%)
4. Fitness (9,33%)
5. Dancing, weight lifting (8%)

Females from Burgenland like dancing most by 13,64%. Males prefer cycling, going for a walk and hiking.

How is the result in winter sports?

Ice Skating Singles Dating

1. Alpine skiing (50%)
2. Ice skating (28,57%)
3. Cross country skiing (21,43%)

Ice skating and alpine skiing as the same popularity among females. Among men alpin skiing is still the numer one followed by ice skating and cross country skiing. Snowboarding is something the typical Burgenland single does not like.

Which sports Burgenlanders like to watch passive on TV?

Watching sports on TV Singles Dating

1. Alpine skiing and football (16,28%)
3. Ski jumping (11,63%)
4. Motorsport (9,30%)
5. Martial arts, biathlon, and athletics (6,98%)

The last thing a single Burgenland girl wants to watch on TV is sport. But if she has to choose a sport to watch, she would take football. The male Burgenlander likes to watch skiing and ski jumping. Of course football as well.


Which theatre plays Burgenlanders like to watch?

1. Comedy (90%)
2. Tragedy (10%)

It will be hard for you if you want to find a single from Burgenland to go into a tragedy performance of a theatre. If a Burgenlander goes to theatre, it is most of the time a comedy performance.


Which foreign languages are popular to learn in Burgenland?

1. English (38,10%)
2. Croatian (14,29%)
3. French, Italian (12,50%)

Croatian is the native language of 10 percent of the Burgenlanders. So it is not a surprise Croatian is on the second place of the most popular foreign languages to learn behind English. The only question is to count it as a foreign language or not. Without Croatian, French and Italian are the most popular languages to learn for Burgenlanders after the English language.

In which topic Burgenland singles are interested most?

1. Travel (13,16%)
2. Cinema, Music (10,53%)

Travel, cinema and music are the most popular topics someone from Burgenland likes to talk about. Those 3 topics are the most popular by far. Females from Burgenland like to talk most about health and everyday life. In spite of the big amount of men among Burgenlands singles, the favourite topics of the women did not make it into the top 3.


For which problems Burgenlanders like to offer their help most?

Computer/Internet, vehicle, and giving advices (16,67%).

The results in offering help are quite balanced in Burgenland. But there are differences between the genders. Males like to help most in giving advices. The females like to help if there is a problem in the family. They also like to offer their vehicle if it is needed to solve a problem.


To which lectures Burgenland singles like to listen most?

Lectures Dating Singles

1. Health (16,33%)
2. Nutrition and world (11,64%)
3. Education, labour, travel reports and tourismus (8,16%)

Health and nutrition. Two important topics for people from Burgenland to listen to in lectures. But for them it is also interesting to know what is going on in the world. The top lecture topics of the females are nutrition and health. Both topics got results over 50 percent! Men prefer to listen to lectures about what is going on in the world. Followed by lectures about health. So in general health is a very important topic in Burgenland.


Being in company: playing cards or board games?

1. Card games (70%)
2. Board games (30%)

Burgenlanders love to play cards. Especially men. The ratio among females is 50/50. But among men it is 75/25.


What kind of things Burgenland singles like to do most when being in company?

Swimming Pool Dating Singles

1. Thermal spring/Swimming pool/Beach (25,86%)
2. Sauna (16,52%)
3. Card games (13,79%)
4. Handicraft and fishing (8,62%)

Among Burgenlands females handicraft is as much as popular as going to a thermal spring, swimming pool or beach. Both leisure activities got a popularity over 50 percent. The top 3 activities of the men are thermal spring, swimming pool or beach, sauna and playing cards.



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