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17.07.2017 - Women and football in Austria

Women and football in Austria

The popularity of football among women in Austria. Data from our female members: numbers, facts and a lot of statistics.

football and women in austria

Although Lower Austria and Upper Austria have the most of the womens football clubs with the biggest success in Austria, the highest popularity of women playing football is somewhere else. By 2,94% Salzburg has the highest percentage of women who already played football or want to play football. In the Southern province Carnthia football has the best result in the ranking of the most popular sports for women by rank 17.


Which Austrian provinces are the most successful ones in womens football?

Lower Austria is leading this table by 15 championships. All those 15 titles were won in a row. The first 12 by Neulengbach, the remaining 3 by Lower Austrias capital St. Pölten.

9 times the champion came from Vienna. 8 times from Upper Austria. But at the moment the most successful province in womens football in Austria is Lower Austria without any doubt.


Which womens footall clubs in Austria have the highest average attendance?

1. Neulengbach - Lower Austria (127)
2. Sturm Graz - Styria (113)
3. Kleinmünchen - Upper Austria (112)
4. LUV Graz/Leoben - Styria (111)
5. St. Pölten - Lower Austria (109)
6. Bergheim - Salzburg (107)
7. Landhaus - Vienna (83)
8. Altenmarkt - Salzburg (74)
9. Wacker Innsbruck - Tyrol (72)
10. Südburgenland - Burgenland (39)

Data from the website of the season 2016/17:


Which province has the most of the womens football clubs?

1. Lower Austria (64 clubs)
2. Upper Austria (33 clubs)
3. Styria (29 clubs)
4. Vienna (27 clubs)
5. Tyrol (21 clubs)
6. Vorarlberg (17 clubs)
7. Salzburg (11 clubs)
8. Carinthia (8 clubs)
9. Burgenland (2 clubs)

Which are the most successful clubs in Austrias womens football?

1. SV Neulengbach (13 championships)
2. Union Kleinmünchen (8 championships)
3. St. Pölten (3 championships)
4. DFC Leoben (2 championships)
5. Innsbrucker AC (1 championship)
    ESV Ostbahn XI (1 championship)
    SV Aspern (1 championship)

Which rank takes football in the ranking of the most popular female sports in Austria?

1. Carinthia (17th rank)
2. Burgenland (18th rank)
       Tyrol (18th rank)
    Vorarlberg (18th rank)
5. Styria (22th rank)

The provinces with the worst rankings are Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Vienna. Exactly in those where womens football has the biggest success.


Provinces with the highest percentages of women who want to see football in a sports program on TV.

1. Burgenland (over 50%)
2. Vienna (20,93%)
3. Carinthia (17,8%)
4. Lower Austria (17,46%)
5. Styria (16%)

Salzburg takes the last place under one percent. Better results for Tyrol and Vorarlberg by 9,68 percent and Upper Austria in the middle by proper 15,63%.


Provinces with the highst percentages of women who already played football or want to play football

1. Salzburg (2,94%)
2. Tyrol and Vorarlberg (1,35%)
3. Carinthia (1,13%)
4. Styria (0,85%)
5. Vienna (0,63%)

Which rank takes football for women when it comes to sports program on TV?

1. Carinthia (1st rank)
    Wien (1st rank)
3. Lower Austria (2nd rank)
    Upper Austria (2nd rank)
    Styria (2nd rank)
    Carinthia (2nd rank)
7. Tyrol (4th rank)
    Vorarlberg (4th rank)
9. Salzburg (9th rank)



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