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Free Online Dating Site Austria - find your love, penpals, or just new friends from Austria. is the free online dating site from Austria. Post a contact ad and meet and find Austrians free of charge. Have fun!

Friendfinder and lovefinder according to mutual interests!

  • Is there something you do not want to do alone?
  • Post and write about it!
  • Members with mutual interests get your posting delivered and make contact with you!
  • You do it together!

Make new contacts free of charge and without any limits!




Free Dating Online Dating Site Austria

No idea what to do? Do you miss the right partner to do something interesting or exciting together? How nice it would be to find a partner who likes the same things you do? Would not that be the perfect combination for a wonderful relationship? How is it if the wife or the girlfriend has total different interests and hobbys?  Isn't that a bit tiring, forcing yourself to be interested in something you are not interested at all just for the reason to please her? And if you ignore her interests and do what you want to do, how is it just to be together for eating and sleeping together but nothing more?


Online Dating Site - Dating Platorm - Flirt Portal - Dating Portal - contact exchange for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the rest of the world

A lot of different names but just one goal. To find the right partner who shares your interests. If there will be at the end more or just friendship is not that important now. Now it is important to make the first step. And the first step is to start the activity. To get active! After the first step, continue with the next steps. So, SIGN UP NOW!

Free Online Dating Site to find a leisure partner in Austria

You are searching for a hiking buddy to explore the mountains together and climb to the top? A dancing partner for sweating on the dance floor?A flirt to make you grey everyday life a bit more colourful? The big love with romantic wedding? A penpal to share the bad and the good sides of everyday life? Or someone for language exchange whom you teach your native language or you learn his or her native language?
There is a chance at to find what you are searching for. is the new single hangout for singles who love to be active and want to increase their circle of friends. Meet new people through specific contact ads. Tell the community what you want to do and get response from those who want to do the same! is not a classic dating platform is not a classic dating platform or flirt hangout. The free online dating site wants to be different. The basic difference is in the conact ad. Of course it is also possible to search someone through profiles, but the real search should happen through the contact ads. Searching through contact ads makes it much easier to find the right one.

Free Matchmaking

How cool is a free matchmaking agency? works like this. The amount of contact attempts and exchanged messages is not limited. Only if you want to upload more than one photo, or if you want to post video for introduction, you can take a premium account. But for the rest: the dating site is totally free.

Matchmaking Austria is located in Austria. That's why most of its users are Austrians. You are going to find a lot of boys, girls, women, and men from places like Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Wels, Steyr, St. Pölten, Krems, Leoben, Klagenfurt, Villach, and many other towns and villages. So if you want to make contact with singles from Austria, or if you are searching for an Austrian friend. is the place for you!

Search Partner - Find Partner - Flirt!

Browse contact ads or post contact ads yourself. is not a classic erotic or sex dating portal. It should be the main contact point in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the rest of the world for everybody who is searching for someone to meet for any leisure activities. You like to play a certain fancy board game, but it is hard for you to find someone who wants to play it with you because it is so specific? Tell our community about it, and post a contact ad! Maybe someone already knows this kind of board game, or someone gets interested to give it a try. If you post your contact ad all registered users who like playing board games, and who live close to your home, are going to receive an e-mail about your desire, and also see your ad in their user account. Now they have the chance to make contact with you by sending an activity offer to you. Such activity offer needs to be accepted or declined. If you accept, it allows you to chat with the sender. If you decline, the sender can't start a chat with you. It is like you block him or her. If you accept a request, your contact ad will be deleted. For the next person you want to meet, you need to post a new contact ad.



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Activity/Visit: Doing Sport
Kufstein 2020-02-08
Activity/Visit: Thermal Spring/Pool/Beach
Wien 2020-02-13
Activity/Visit: Geocache
Linz 2020-01-17
Help: Experience
Leibnitz 2020-01-07
Activity/Visit: Gossip
Deutschlandsberg 2020-01-06
Activity/Visit: Art
Münster 2020-01-05
Activity/Visit: Get Company
Deutschlandsberg 2020-01-05
Language Exchange: English
Rio de Janeiro 2020-01-04
Activity/Visit: Art
vienna 2020-01-03
Penpals: Everyday Life
Dessau 2019-12-24


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